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Joel Barnett Biography - Noxubee County, Mississippi

(submitted by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

13 Oct 1762 - 29 Jul 1851

Joel Barnett returned to Georgia soon after [the end of the Revolutionary War], and married his first cousin, Miss Crawford. After her death he married Mildred Meriwether, the daughter of Mr. Frank Meriwether, and settled in Oglethorpe County, a little off from Broad River.

Barnett was firm to obstinancy. He never did favors for the sake of gaining favors, nor palavered any body. He did not talk much. Whatever he said he believed to be strictly true. He joined the Baptist Church upon his conscience becoming impressed with the force of religious truths; but found it impossible to conform himself to its rules, and withdrew, or was turned out.

He was upright, and retained the confidence of the people of Oglethorpe County as long as he lived among them. He was industrious and economical.

He removed to the State of Mississippi, where he died some years after, worth $200,000. He had one child by his first wife and eight by his last.

Gov. George Rockingham Gilmer
Georgians - Sketches of some of the First Settlers of Upper Georgia, of the Cherokees, and the Author

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